Dear Wonderful You
This anthology was written by a global community of adult adoptees and adults who were fostered. Each letter was penned to the upcoming generation of adopted and fostered youth. A letter I authored is included in the collection.

Flip the Script
This project compiled a broad spectrum of adoptee viewpoints through literature and art. We were asked to reflect on the #FlipTheScript social media movement and what it means to own the title “adoptee.”  An essay I authored is included in this collection.

Lost Daughters
This anthology is a collection of writings by the authors of the Lost Daughters blog. Lost Daughters is an independent, collaborative writing project founded in 2011. All authors are adopted women.I served as editor and authored three essays included in the collection.

Perpetual Child
This unique collection confronts the “perpetual child stereotype” faced by adult adoptees. Readers are implored to to empathize with the experience of being viewed as a child into adulthood. An essay I authored is included in this collection.

The Declassified Adoptee
Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston is an adult adoptee, social worker, author, and speaker. Throughout this book, readers follow her journey from quiet adoptee to outspoken advocate. I served as the editor for this insightful collection.