Hello! Nice to meet you. Glad you found me. When the time came to think about college, I decided that my career path would encompass either child psychology or journalism. Fortunately for all the young people out there, I opted for communications and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Since then, I’ve worked in the fields of journalism, communications, marketing, and user experience. I’m passionate about this work because the skills apply to so many areas which means constant challenge and growth.


The New York Times
While reading the Times along with my parents as a kid, I decided that my dream job would be working as the op-ed editor for the organization. I liked how the opinion section offered society a community forum for sharing differing thoughts and ideas on current events.

Edgar Allen Poe
My sixth grade year in school was definitely one of the best when it came to academia. The teacher, Mrs. Petersen, made every task a fun project. One of my favorite assignments that year was the Edgar Allen Poe newspaper. We had to take classic Poe tales and revise them into news stories.

Perrot Memorial Library
At age 15, I secured my first paying job as a page at my hometown’s local library. It was the dream job for a kid who was never without a book. I may have been caught a few times reading in the mystery room instead of shelving the books on my cart. Hey, the title sounded really good!

I feel passionate and inspired when working with words.

Julie Stromberg

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